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We welcome you to Rate-Watch.org. Finally, the one stop shop designed to offer both lending competition from the top, most competitive, direct lenders, to the ability to provide more custom solutions for those visitors needing a plan requiring more attention and long term strategy. Rate-Watch is designed to offer the ideal resources for homeowners from all circumstances and situations. From excellent credit borrowers deserving of and seeking the best rates available, to those with more complex/unique or difficult circumstances.

We are not a lender, mortgage company or bank. The information provided by you to us will be sent to a licensed mortgage company, broker and or bank in your area. We do not endorse, warrant or guarantee any service or products of any individual or company you choose to receive home refinance rate and term quotes. *Rate-Watch does not require visitors to disclose their social security number at the time of submission of this request. Our participating lenders will ask you for your social security number to determine your FICO score which is used to determine eligibility, rate and terms.